Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello! This is Hope's mom. Just wanted to say hi, Hope & Jenny wanted to write a new blog so here they are...
From Hope & Jenny: funny, talented,dorkie girls. we play  a lot and we have fun. but we fight a lot. but that doesn't stop us from being friends. From Jenny: we play with my toys and we have so much fun with them. Even though we fight we still play with each other.
From Hope: True friends know when to say sorry. True  friends will still fight with each other, but if your true friends, you will apologize if your wrong because your friendship is worth it. True friends are very hard to find. So, if you find or have a true friend do not let them go. Admit when you are wrong, be humble & say sorry. we all do stuff wrong & make mistakes but being able to say "I was wrong, do you forgive me", shows you are a good friend & a good person. Jenny & I play a lot & fight sometimes but we always make up!

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