Saturday, March 8, 2014


03/08/2014 12:01


I went to a Bullying event with my mom, dad & friend Lilly. It was called Ray Rice's Links of Kindness. Ray Rice is a football player from my favorite team, the Baltimre Ravens. He is against bullying & I thought it was real nice of him to have this event. At the event there was the family of a girl from MD. Grace McComas was 15 years old when she took her own life. When I seen her mom, Christine McComas talk at the event it made me cry, my mom cried too. My mom said she couldnt imagine loosing me & it really made her think. It made me sad because I am bullyied a lot. My mom says that outside of school & at my acting & modeling stuff I am 100% Confident but at school I am not confident. She says I use to be confident all the time even in school but ever since last year in the 3rd grade I have not been confident at all in school. I have been being bullyied just because of my size. My mom is short & so am I. I use to hate thatI was short & but I am starting to love myself again. I still dont like being bullyied & it still hurts a lot but I am trying to not let it make me harte myself. I never want to get to the point where Grace McComas was on that day when she took her own life. I wish she would have thought about it & thought, this is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I know how much pain she felt though. It hurts me so much when kids do the "Hope Dance". They made up this dance where they get down real low to make their self shorter like me & dance around saying its the Hope dance. they say how there is a pre k student who is taller then me & this one girl will say to some people that i am too ugly to act & model. That is why I dont tell people I act & model. but this girl who use to live here would tell her friends when i did a job & she went with me so it ended up getting aroud to some other people that I have acted & modeled. but this one girl in particular will say "I dont know how she acts & models, she is ugly" "Nobody will ever pick her to be on tv because she is ugly" & she tells everyone her mom is getting her a really good agent & she is going to be famous real soon". It hurts me that people think i am ugly. I dont know why people cant be happy for me. This is why i dont want people in school to know that about me. I knew they would make fun of me. I love acting & I love modeling too I would never make fun of anyone for doing what they love. Just like when I see people at an audition making fun of the other actors. Even the moms do it. My mom told me to be happy for the other girls. She always says I need to be happy for the other girls & boys. She says "Of course I wnat you to get the part, but if you dont i am happy for whoever gets it. You cant get picked every time" & she tells me that just because someone dont get picked dont mean they are not beautiful or talented . it just means that they werent what they were looking for. I remember at the audition for BG&E commercial. They were looking for a hispanic girl around my age & I am Italian & Irish so I wasnt so sure I would get it but I still wanted to audition because first of all I love to audition & second my agent said I am multi ethnic that I look many ethnics. So there was a mom & her 2 daughters, only 1 of the girls were auditioning. My mom asked me if I heard what they were saying & I said yes. The mom said to her daughter "Look around mommy these girls are your compitition, HA, dont  look like much compitition!" "You got this mommy" "none of these girls are as beautiful as you" "I bet non e of these girls have been on tv before, HA!". My mom said "Hope, dont let them get to  you. Just have fun & BE YOU, I love you!" Thats what she always says before I go into an audition. So thats what I did & I got the job. But even if I would have found out I didnt get it, which I usually dont think I will get it & that one girl did get it, I would still be happy for her. I do think they were wrong for thinking that way. We have met a lot of nice people on facebook. my mom says that we are lucky to know so many other moms & kids like us. A lot of moms & kids in this kind of acting & modeling kind of stuff are mean & if you get something & their kid dont they hate you & will be mean to you. but we have met people who are like us. They want to see all kids make it. My mom & those moms want to see every kid make their dreams come true. Who will take them to auditions with us & try  to help them. The only time my mom didnt really wnat to help a kid act was when they told my mom they didnt want to but her mom kept saying "Yes she does, take her with you". My mom didnt want to make her do something she didnt want to do. She tells me all the time if i ever get to the point where I am bord with acting & modeling she will not let me do it. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! I was born to act & I love it. I have never loved anything so much. Except for my family. I pray every night to please let me get that one big opportunity to make my dreams come true. I will work hard all my life to make them come true. I want nothing more then to be a famous actress in a big movie in Hollywood where people look up to me as a role model. Maybe I can make a diference then. I hope everyone is as passionate about something as I am for acting. SMILE & LAUGH its good for you :-)

Friday, July 12, 2013

N.Y...Here we come on July 25th!

by: Melissa, Hope's mom.

Well, we are almost ready for our month long trip to N.Y. For those who do not know, Hope is a actress & model, she went to an expo last summer in Dallas, TX & received a call back from a great agency. They needed her to come stay in N.Y for at least a month. Money wise that is all we could afford was 1 month, which honestly we couldn't even afford that but we are making it happen. Between family & friends & what we are saving up, we will make this happen. We leave here on July 25th & come home August 25, 2013. School starts back August 26th, so that's why we have to go early. We was planning on doing August 1st to Sept 1st, but then I learned school starts back Aug 26th. So the lady we are renting a room from was very nice & is letting us come 5 days early. We will sleep on a cot & couch for those 4 or 5 days until Aug 1st, when her current tenant leaves, then we will move into the bedroom. Hope is so excited. I am so proud of Hope for going after what she loves. She is so passionate about acting & modeling. I asked her a few times if she is sure she wants to go to N.Y, I told her that it is not going to be all fun, she will be working hard & she always says "Yes mom, you know how bad I want this. I don't care if I have to work hard, that's what I want". I have to admit I did not have that kind of work ethics when I was a kid. So I am so proud of  her. I am one proud mom!

               R.I.P JIMMY BOY!

                           June 28, 200 - July 10, 2013

By: Melissa Perry, Hope's mom.
On July 10, 2013 our dog Jimmy had to be put to sleep. He was a good dog & he made the past 13 years awesome. He was so smart. He would knock on the door to let us know he needed to go out to use the bathroom. When Jimmy loved someone he made he known. It was like he understood us, when we was sad he would come over & give you kisses, lay his head on our lap & look up at you with that adorable look. Jimmy was a Sharpe & Bull Terrier Mix... the cutest thing ever. It is not the same around here without Jimmy boy. Jimmy has been having problems for about a year now. He had a enlarged heart & it was so big it was pushing on his esophagus, making it close to where he could not breath. It was so hard watching him being in pain & not being able to breath. He just turned 13 & I know that in dog years that is a long time but it is still hard to loose someone you love so much. For those who say "He is only a dog".. Jimmy was family, not our "pet". As hurt as we are over Jimmy, my dad, Hope's grandfather is taking it much worse. Jimmy was his best friend. He has not been the same for the past 2 days. I know how hard it is to grieve, I just hope he can grieve without getting sick. He has not ate in 2 days, he has not taken his walks in 2 days nor has he smiled or been happy at all in 2 days. I know we will see Jimmy again & until then I asked Jimmy to watch over Hope & my dad. I love you Jimmy, We all love you & miss you. We will all be together again one day, until then..don't ever forget us, we will never forget you. Love always, forever & for eternity.

Monday, July 8, 2013

I am so happy!
My mom was able to pay the deposit for our N.Y trip. I am so excited & can't wait. We still need money to live on but at least we got enough for a place to stay. My mom has been stressed because she does not know how we  will east I told her I will eat Vienna sausage everyday but she said no. I love Vienna sausage though. :-) I am so grateful because this lady we do not even know is letting us rent a room from her for a month. She said she has never let a kid stay there because there are so many bad kids. So she is very nice for that. I am going to show her that I am a very good kid. I am. I know that I can be a brat sometimes but I am a good person. I can not wait to go to N.Y. My mom & me get to spend a month together. I am so happy. We are going to have  so much fun. What has everyone been doing this summer?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello! This is Hope's mom. Just wanted to say hi, Hope & Jenny wanted to write a new blog so here they are...
From Hope & Jenny: funny, talented,dorkie girls. we play  a lot and we have fun. but we fight a lot. but that doesn't stop us from being friends. From Jenny: we play with my toys and we have so much fun with them. Even though we fight we still play with each other.
From Hope: True friends know when to say sorry. True  friends will still fight with each other, but if your true friends, you will apologize if your wrong because your friendship is worth it. True friends are very hard to find. So, if you find or have a true friend do not let them go. Admit when you are wrong, be humble & say sorry. we all do stuff wrong & make mistakes but being able to say "I was wrong, do you forgive me", shows you are a good friend & a good person. Jenny & I play a lot & fight sometimes but we always make up!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Funness! Yes, it's word now!

You can always have fun. I am at the doctors with my mom & I started to feel bord. But then I thought, I can entertain myself! I am a fun person & anybody can be a fun person. Make up a game, talk to your mon, make u a story, draw a picture, one if my favorites...Play a game on a game system like a PS Vita, 3DS, iPod, Kindle, etc.., No matter what you can & should have fun. When kids start letting themselves get bord thats when they get in trouble. I dont want to get in trouble. Can anyone out there think of some fun things to do? I want to hear other opinions. Thank you!