Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello! This is Hope's mom. Just wanted to say hi, Hope & Jenny wanted to write a new blog so here they are...
From Hope & Jenny: funny, talented,dorkie girls. we play  a lot and we have fun. but we fight a lot. but that doesn't stop us from being friends. From Jenny: we play with my toys and we have so much fun with them. Even though we fight we still play with each other.
From Hope: True friends know when to say sorry. True  friends will still fight with each other, but if your true friends, you will apologize if your wrong because your friendship is worth it. True friends are very hard to find. So, if you find or have a true friend do not let them go. Admit when you are wrong, be humble & say sorry. we all do stuff wrong & make mistakes but being able to say "I was wrong, do you forgive me", shows you are a good friend & a good person. Jenny & I play a lot & fight sometimes but we always make up!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Funness! Yes, it's word now!

You can always have fun. I am at the doctors with my mom & I started to feel bord. But then I thought, I can entertain myself! I am a fun person & anybody can be a fun person. Make up a game, talk to your mon, make u a story, draw a picture, one if my favorites...Play a game on a game system like a PS Vita, 3DS, iPod, Kindle, etc.., No matter what you can & should have fun. When kids start letting themselves get bord thats when they get in trouble. I dont want to get in trouble. Can anyone out there think of some fun things to do? I want to hear other opinions. Thank you!

Stray kitties

Room for Rent in N.Y City?

My mom & me need a place to sleep & take showers. Hope needs to be in N.Y for a month to work with an agent up in N.Y. July 5 till August 5th. If anyone knows someone please think of me. we appreciate it a lot.

KIDS Fashion Democracy
Fashionista's Rule
I am going to be in a fashion show on July 28, 2013. It is going to be at the HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA in New York City. There is going to be many beautiful models in the show & very talented. I hope whoever wins really appreciates this opportunity. The winner will get the opportunity to walk in Plitzs New York Fashion Week. That is a dream come true. I just want the person who wins to want this, not it be the kids mom or dad who is making them do this. I wish all kids could do what they wanted to do. my mom wouldn't let me act when i was younger because she said that kid actors grow up to be bad. but then she seen how happy it made me & started helping me. she seen that not all kid actors end up being bad or doing bad stuff. but some kids do not want to act or model& you can tell. I have seen a lot of kids that  are only there because there mom or dad make them. if my mom made me I would tell her mom I don't want to do this my dream is something else. but I want to act & model. I have wanted to act since I was 3 & then when I went to acting & modeling school I started to love modeling too. I just love it. I feel complete 7 I just feel like something is drawing me in to it. I really know I was born to act & model. I also like to make people laugh & smile. I think thats why I am such a dork I love being funny. my mom says I could be  the next Tina Fay. She has showed me her on tv she is funny & pretty too. I hope I win this fashion show coming up because it has been a dream of mine for a long time to walk in New York fashion week or in Paris's fashion week. I want to live in L.A but have a apartment in N.Y.
well about the fashion show. I know that a lot of people live too far away from N.Y & can not make it to the fashion show. or can not afford $30 for the ticket. but I appreciate it anyway. its hard for my mom to get me up there too so we know how hard it is. I need to get in the shower & get ready for school tomorrow. 4 more days of school YEA! FRIDAY THE 14th is the LAST DAY of SCHOOL YEA YEA YEA!
To buy tickets to the PLITZS KIDS Fashion Democracy Fashionista's Rule Fashion Show you can click here >   PLITZS, BUY TICKETS HERE!  or call 646.257.4207 or 718.717.8281 or email:
Thank you very much!
                                       LOVE ALWAYS,
                                                                        Hope Mackenzie Perry  <3

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


First thing about fashion class is... You need to look cute!
You should never think that just because you have not seen your friends wear a certain outfit does not mean that that outfit is not cute. You can always be a trendsetter. That means that you were the first one to wear something & you started a trend. So DO NOT BE AFRAID TO WEAR SOMETHING YOU LIKE! Also, just because it doesn't match does not mean that it does not look good. Some things do not look good together though like a plaid shirt with striped shorts that just not look good at all. 
Fashion is something that you think looks good. If  you like it & you are comfortable in. One of my modeling coaches told me a long time go that everyone should take pride in what they look like. I have always wanted to look nice & love to dress up. I don't like wearing normal kids cloths like cloths shorts & a t shirt. I like to look cute & feel cute. I just hope that everyone knows that being cute on the outside does not mean that you are a good person on the inside.
Take pride in what you look like. Dress nice, be clean & care about your  appearance. 1st appearance is an important one. A lot of people judge you by your first impression, so make sure to make your first impression  good one. Show them your personality & show them the real you. don't try to act like someone else or be fake..BE YOURSELF! People want to know the real you, not the person who thinks they need to hide behind being someone else. You should always be happy with who you are.
Like I use to think that I had  to be blonde haired & blue eyed to be beautiful.  Now I am happy with who I am & I wouldn't change anything about me. God made me who I am for a reason & I am happy with who he made me to be. I hope all of you are too. you could wear a box and still look cute the girls who say you are ugly ,they are the ones who are ugly. it matters what is in the inside not the outside. Think of all the cute and rich girls. and then the homeless people.

* Take a look at my Fundraiser Site at HOPE"S FUNRAISER   < Click There (on Hope's Fundraiser).
Thank you so much. I appreciate it so much. my name is Hope Mackenzie Perry & I am 8 years old. I am trying to make my dreams come true by getting donations for my trip to N.Y. It is not a vacation, it is for work. I am a child actress & model & have a wonderful opportunity to go to N.Y to work with a great agency. I have to go up for at least 1 month but my mom & dad can not afford to do it on their own. My mom is trying so hard to help me make my dreams come true. I pray every night that everything works out & people help me & I get to make it to N.Y this summer. I am supposed to go up after July 4th. My mom & I are the ones going up so if you know anyone who has a room for rent for 30 days, maybe 30 - 60 days. All we need is a bed to share & a shower/bathroom to share. My mom said it would be nice to be able to do laundry but it doesn't have to have a laundry room. Thank you so much. you don't know how much this means to me.