Friday, July 12, 2013

N.Y...Here we come on July 25th!

by: Melissa, Hope's mom.

Well, we are almost ready for our month long trip to N.Y. For those who do not know, Hope is a actress & model, she went to an expo last summer in Dallas, TX & received a call back from a great agency. They needed her to come stay in N.Y for at least a month. Money wise that is all we could afford was 1 month, which honestly we couldn't even afford that but we are making it happen. Between family & friends & what we are saving up, we will make this happen. We leave here on July 25th & come home August 25, 2013. School starts back August 26th, so that's why we have to go early. We was planning on doing August 1st to Sept 1st, but then I learned school starts back Aug 26th. So the lady we are renting a room from was very nice & is letting us come 5 days early. We will sleep on a cot & couch for those 4 or 5 days until Aug 1st, when her current tenant leaves, then we will move into the bedroom. Hope is so excited. I am so proud of Hope for going after what she loves. She is so passionate about acting & modeling. I asked her a few times if she is sure she wants to go to N.Y, I told her that it is not going to be all fun, she will be working hard & she always says "Yes mom, you know how bad I want this. I don't care if I have to work hard, that's what I want". I have to admit I did not have that kind of work ethics when I was a kid. So I am so proud of  her. I am one proud mom!

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